Prior to Harkon taking over the castle, his brother Brunar was the head of the coven. However, in building this mod I kept to the vampire side. Page 1 of 37 - Castle Volkihar Rebuilt - posted in File topics: Castle Volkihar Rebuilt A mod to allow the player to clean up the debris and rebuild Castle Volkihar to its former glory. It allows the Dragonborn to clear the rubble from Castle Volkihar and transforms the North Tower into a player home, with safe storage. Depends on the conflicts, but in general this mod should be allowed to win them. Castle Volkihar has been occupied by vampire's for centuries. So if role play is your thing and you want to the castle to be Dawnguard friendly Rebuilt will be better for you. Page 9 of 37 - Castle Volkihar Rebuilt - posted in File topics: In response to post #25136904. Should i let this mod win the conflict or should i just remove the edits ELFX makes to these cells? Castle Volkihar is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. "Huehue this mod sucks because it adds animated boobs" And then you get banned for criticizing a mod. The North Tower is also converted into a player home with safe storage. Page 4 of 47 - Castle Volkihar Rebuilt - posted in File topics: In response to post #45210625. It is a large castle that rests on a secluded island in the Sea of Ghosts. Spoiler spiderexpert wrote: The Balcony doesn't seem to have become cleaned up and there doesn't appear to be a rubble pile to clear, is this the correct functionality or a bug? If the Dragonborn joins the Volkihar Vampires, the castle can be used as a home. The castle serves as the primary base for the Volkihar Clan. This mod Restores the Dawnguard Vampire Castle Volkihar to it's former glory. castle volkihar rebuilt; pros: very immersive, lore friendly, improvements are more subtly executed than redux, is pretty well done. cons; the castle can feel a bit empty, not a lot of storage, for me the north tower had lighting glitches, just a lot less added than redux. Will not likely be compatible with other mods that make changes to the rooms in Castle Volkihar. New modders and their really helpful mods never get the attention they actually deserve, because the boob-modders need to make a new mod that gets "File of the Month" instantly (eg. thanks! I am the author of Castle Volkihar Redux. Harkon raised an army and finally after a decade of fighting stormed the castle and locked his brother and his coven away in the family tombs. @korruptkswadesplayin are there any compatability patches that I need to know for Lexys guide? also has anything changed since last year since you wrote this comment that I need to be aware of? the useless "Schlongs of Skyrim"). Spoiler JimReaper wrote: I see a lot of conflicts with ELFX. Nexus Staff are the worst. Jordan David on Castle Volkihar Rebuilt. Page 5 of 43 - Castle Volkihar Rebuilt - posted in File topics: This is a welcome addition, something I hope exists as an actual game feature in future Elder Scrolls Games. You can use them to travel to the shores of Tamriel. It just makes sense, in this case, that a building be capable of renovating.---Few points to ask:There are a few spots where the lighting seems to be lacking. Note that the rest of the castle doesn't provide safe storage. and Im aware of the volklihar epilougues issue, but what about northfire's castle volkihar, that would have issues too right? *There is a portal to the Forgotten Vale in the castle tombs found during the quest 'Fortify Volkihar'. A spell tome that teaches the spell 'return to castle Volkihar' can be found in this very wing. *The Castle's Shipyard and it's boats have been restored. Castle Volkihar Rebuilt is a player home for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. Redux can be used by either a Dawnguard player or someone who went vampire.

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