Sly 3 has optional 3-D stages, and comes with a pair of 3-D glasses inside the manual. His skills include parkour, gymnastics, pickpocketing, safecracking, mastery of disguise, time manipulation and others. Over the course of the night with help from Neyla, who let it be known that she purposely tipped Sly off to the Klaww Gang, the gang destroyed Dimitri's operation and left France with the tail feathers. It doesn't re-invent the wheel or anything, but it sure made it a whole lot more fun. "[21] Carmelita traced the Cooper van's tracks outside of the mansion, wondering out loud what kind of an asset Sly would be if he worked for the police. 1 The start of everything It’s been roughly a year since Sly disappeared along with Le … The first Sly cemented the gameplay formula, Sly 2 expanded on the foundation, creating an open and less linear environment to explore, and Sly 3 further develops that formula, refining it to near perfection. However, miners in the area had since destroyed the surrounding land while searching for opals, and had inadvertently released the Mask of Dark Earth, an ancient cursed mask that the Guru was tasked with keeping dormant. Sly took the opportunity to stall Carmelita while Bentley wondered if Sly purposely put them over schedule just so he could mess with her.[12]. I have very fond memories of climbing street posts and building as the infamous "Sly Cooper" on my Playstation 2. He acknowledged the help he had from Bentley and Murray, who stuck with him through it all, even though it was not easy for them. BCES00968 BCUS98246. Realizing that Bison had taken all of their Clockwerk parts and sold them to Arpeggio, the gang rushed to the northern lights battery before Arpeggio's blimp could pick it up. === ... the model set up using Blender and Autodesk Maya and an .OBJ file and .FBX file to make the model portable to all other 3D applications. It turns out she had been sent back in time by Cyrille Le Paradox, the owner of the Parisian museum and the shady figure from before, while she was investigating his black market art dealings. Therefore, she called a temporary truce with Sly in order to work together to bring down Clockwerk. Page 1 of 1 - 01 . He compared these images to the little information that Carmelita's police file contained on the leader of the Fiendish Five, Clockwerk. He catches a glimpse of Sly glancing back at him with a wink, revealing that he did not have amnesia. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Demo. He has physics for his mask straps and tail. Sly is also very capable with his cane and is a powerful opponent in a fight, repeatedly being shown beating opponents much larger and better equipped than himself. Sly recovered from his injuries and, after battling Dr. M's mutant Whale-Fly, entered the vault with Bentley and Murray. I haven't stolen anything... yet. Carmelita and her new partner Constable Neyla, hiding in a pair of sarcophagi, revealed themselves. ― Sly Cooper[24]. Sly overcame many challenges based on the Cooper family's thieving abilities, with each test built by one of Sly's ancestors. At the last moment, Sly kissed her. With so many new 3D platformers releasing, it seems like an obvious time for Sly Cooper to come back. About The Game. Sly is fully rigged and works with MMD motion and pose data. This stealth platformer, for both young and older audiences, mostly follows Sly through flashbacks as he recruits other professionals for a heist. Sly Cooper is the title character of the Sly Cooper video game series, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and Sanzaru Games for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita consoles. Sly appeared as a playable character in the Sony brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Rajan retreated to his spice temple while the gang headed to Bollywood. The gang looked for Sly to no avail. After a taxing journey through time, Carmelita accepts that she cannot change Sly and gains a newfound respect for him, realizing that they are on the same side. This game entry contains no available game updates. Carmelita arrived just in time and battled the mutant, saving Sly. Commenting on both of their abilities, he realized how lucky he was to have friends like them, and could never ask for better ones. Finding where Le Paradox's blimp was docked, the gang headed there. ", Carmelita finished off Dr. M and jumped up to help Sly. Several of the Master Thief Challenges are playable in 3D as well. Penelope had a one-sided crush on Sly once joining up with the Cooper Gang, but was unrequited (to the point of being unaware) as he has feelings for Carmelita. For detailed information about this series, see: The Sly Cooper Wiki. As Sly came around, she discovered that he had amnesia, and had no memory of who he was. The "black water" was the pollution of the canals around the city, caused by the crime lord Don Octavio in an attempt to lure in an "audience" for his opera. Sly taunted Drake about his carelessness in handling the pages, and Drake challenged him to a fight to take them back. He now takes the feelings of Bentley and Murray seriously, always on the lookout for when they were bothered or sad. It was revealed that two creatures named Gleeber and Lunk transported the heroes there for the purpose of testing their skills in a competition called the "Inter-Universal Hero Games". Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Sly Cooper Retro Edition is a graphics hack of Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) from 1985. After receiving a messenger pigeon, Sly headed to Heathrow Penitentiary to meet Jim McSweeney. Being a raccoon, Sly has gray fur with black stripes on his tail and a natural mask, as well as brown eyes. Sly thought Dimitri was a strange counterfeiting thug when he first met him, but after putting him behind bars, Sly broke Dimitri out of jail as a favor. The two set to work on freeing Murray, who was being held in the prison area of the clinic. Like with the rest of the Fiendish Five, Sly held contempt for the Panda King for his involvement in the murder of his parents. Carmelita, however, leaves the gang due to her anger at Sly. Sly even admitted that he likely wouldn't have gotten as far as he did without Bentley's help. You can use any cane you want and resize it to as to be printed approximately 160mm. Also share? As Sly was replacing the dagger with his signature calling card, Carmelita burst into the room, angry at Sly's switch back to crime. Sly crashed a party being held at Rajan's palace while in disguise, dancing with Carmelita (who was undercover along with Neyla and the Contessa) to distract the crowd while Murray cut the Clockwerk wings free from a large statue. [1], Sly first appeared in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus at the age of eighteen. Before she could shoot him, he knocked the shock pistol out of Carmelita's hand and pointed out that he only steals from criminals. This device would allow the alien duo to take the heroes' places back home. He was born to his mother and father, Conner Cooper, in 1984. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Official Strategy Guide, Sly 2: Band of Thieves Official Strategy Guide, The Sly Collection Official Strategy Guide, Characters in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Characters in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Characters in The Adventures of Sly Cooper, Characters in Sly Cooper: To Catch a Thief, Downloadable. On the journey, Sly examined the pages of the Thievius Raccoonus. $3.95 shipping. After defeating Drake, and afterwards Polygon Man, Sly and his partners returned home only to find out that the pages had been rewritten in an ancient Mesopotamian language. Carmelita offered Sly the use of her jetpack, which he had to acquire at the top of the death ray. Jumping into her helicopter, Sly took control of its gun and attacked her. He was voiced by Kevin Miller in all of his video game and appearances, along with his appearances in commercials for said video games. As rage is what kept Clockwerk alive for centuries, Arpeggio was planning to use this hate to remain immortal inside of Clockwerk for eternity. Sly, planning for this, broke into her apartment and stole the map, which had been hidden underneath the canvas. The gang then began working to free the village from the dictator's grasp. This is Sly's character model from Sly Cooper: Thieves in … Carmelita agreed to join forces with Sly in order to defeat Clock-La. Sly is a cunning, devious, quick-witted, charming, suave gentleman thief. This is the result. However while retrieving the gear, Penelope was kidnapped by pirate captain LeFwee. During specified missions throughout the game, the player could wear the 3D glasses, thus making the game 3D. [2] He is currently stuck in ancient Egypt. As children, the trio planned to steal the orphanage's cookie jar from Mrs. Puffin, the director of the orphanage, who kept the children's holiday cookies for herself. As the gang traveled around the world, they confronted each Fiendish Five member in their respective hideouts, defeating them one-by-one and collecting the pieces of the Thievius Raccoonus that they had taken. Master thief and leader of the Cooper Gang. She agreed, and was soon after given a reinstatement and promotion by her boss, Inspector James Barkley. He often disregarded Bentley's advice and warnings, and sometimes spoke rudely of Murray. [9] While comparing stories with INTERPOL Inspector Carmelita Fox sometime later, the accounts differ, so the exact details are impossible to know. Join. Dimitri was left in charge of the Thievius Raccoonus, as well as being in charge of determining where next to go in time. Back at the hideout, Rioichi filled the gang in on the workings of El Jefe. Sly made it up to the vault's door, but Dr. M interfered. ― Sly, after visiting Kaine Island for the first time[src]. Starting in Paris, Sly stole a police file from Inspector Fox's office, which engaged her interests, though she was unsuccessful in apprehending Sly at the scene. KingNCP 2 0 Blake Cooper and Ryan Talman FangandFNAFFAN2019 5 0 Sly Cooper in the cookie connection Chappieladdie 29 0 Sly Cooper vs. Anton Fabion Chappieladdie 22 3 Don't Be Afraid (Final) FangandFNAFFAN2019 8 2 +3D Model Download+ Carmelita Fox JCThornton 653 42 WIP: Dance With Me animalpainter 44 25 HENRIETTE ONE-EYE COOPER! Sly Cooper and the Thievius RaccoonusSly Cooper: To Catch a ThiefLa La commercialSly 2: Band of Thieves commercialThe Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 1Sly 2: Band of ThievesThe Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 2Sly 3: Honor Among ThievesTiming is EverythingSly Cooper: Thieves in TimeBentley's HackpackSly Cooper (TV series)Sly Cooper (film), Ringtail (Carmelita)Sitting DuckThe BallCracker Box (Dimitri), Sly Cooper: To Catch a ThiefLa La commercialSly 2: Band of Thieves commercialThe Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 1Sly 2: Band of ThievesThe Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 2Sly 3: Honor Among ThievesTiming is EverythingSly Cooper: Thieves in TimeBentley's HackpackSly Cooper (TV series)Sly Cooper (film), Crime? Le Paradox reveals that this container will be sent bouncing throughout time forever using his "time tunnel." The end result is a game that has a well-told story, wonderful protagonists, gorgeous visuals, very fun and considerably varied gameplay, and large open-worlds. The PlayStation 2 release of Sly 3 comes with a set of 3D glasses that the player can use to view these jobs in 3D. In the PS2 version, some of the job replays can be done in 3D. She had stolen Bentley's time machine plans and built the blimp that Le Paradox was using. Ready to finally become a master thief like his ancestors, Sly and the gang began a pursuit that would ultimately change their lives. He had been meditating after his daughter, Jing King, had been kidnapped by General Tsao, who was forcing her into marriage with him. She then realized that she was attracted to Bentley for his smarts, despite Sly's athletic ability. Afraid that he would drown, Carmelita rushes to the edge and looks over, where it is revealed that he had landed on the last ferry out of Monaco with his gang. Ingame. He also discovered that the Contessa was a secret member of the Klaww Gang that used her powers of hypnosis to reveal the location of criminals' fortunes. Against Bentley's advice, Sly freed Carmelita while collecting the Clockwerk eyes, before defeating the Contessa. [9] At the end of it, while Carmelita doesn't admit to Sly's goodwill, she states that she is no longer the rookie of that time. This is a fanart model. Neyla and Arpeggio confronted him, and Arpeggio revealed his master plan of using the northern lights (which were stored in the northern lights battery) to hypnotize everyone below the blimp into a fit of rage. Sly entered the prison where he was being held using a disguise and rescued Rioichi. Sly even learned a new skill, the laser slide, in a chamber built by his late father. Valentino the Fox. [8] Sly begs to differ, and uses their first meeting as an example of his good intentions. He fully came to appreciate them after being captured by Contessa. Sly was thrown into "the hole": a chamber that was used to break criminals' minds with days of isolation. Sly Cooper is the main protagonist of the same title series of video games. As she crashed to the ground, Bentley recalled that Neyla mentioned a "Hate Chip." On his way to where he knew Carmelita would be, Sly reminisced about the gang's first job, the "Cookie-Steelin' Plan. This is a printable figure of Sly Cooper from Thieves in time. After escaping from the scene, Sly met back up with Bentley, who had made modifications to a wheelchair to suit his needs. You will never be rid of me! The Panda King and Sly both put aside their differences and the team gained another member. Sly 3 was the first game to allow you to play as characters outside of the Cooper Gang, and some levels could be optionally played in 3D with the included 3D glasses (this feature was removed in the re-mastered Sly 3 on The Sly Collection). While on the short helicopter ride across town, Carmelita quickly loosened up and the two shared stories about their interests. Despite being somewhat envious of Sly's abilities, Murray never allows his large frame to discourage him, often making jokes at his own expense. Several of its pictures depicted a shadowy owl-like figure in the background. When 3D platformers were a dime in a dozen and the best of the best battled it out for fandom? Bentley's serious demeanor often prompts Sly to joke around, especially while on the job, though he still appreciates his friend's concern for him. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time * Epic boss battles, high action, and new stealth moves provide the deepest and most thrilling Sly experience to date! Try as he might, Conner failed to defend himself, his wife and his son from the gang, resulting in the death of both parents. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Embed Share Report collection Report collection Sly Cooper Diorama. Created by Sanzaru. Despite having just lost one third of their team, Sly and Bentley headed out for Kaine Island. In the game, Bentley refers to the 3D glasses as 3D Optimizer Goggles, and Sly claims they are stylish and … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 125 product ratings - Sly Cooper Collection (Sony PlayStation 3, 2010) PS3 Complete Good Cond. Game ! Sly and Bentley, with Murray's help, foiled the plans of the Don and, with his Guru's request fulfilled, Murray rejoined the gang. The gang headed to feudal Japan and found that a dictator-for-hire, the tiger El Jefe, had set up and arrested Sly's ninja ancestor, Rioichi Cooper, for a crime that he hadn't committed. His absence has not gone unnoticed and a swift return would do he and his brand some justice. Between the jobs that his father's gang would pull off, Sly would spend time with Jim McSweeney, a member of the gang and Conner's friend. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. No results. He considered himself to be a tool to Conner at best and claimed that all Coopers must be the same. After escaping Clockwerk's clutches, the two briefly reasoned with each other how, at the moment, they were both on the same side and Clockwerk was the enemy, to which Carmelita agreed. Family Getting inside the place would take precision, creativity, and moreover, it would take an army of world-class thieves. With the help of Bentley and Murray, Sly broke into the museum in order to steal the parts so they could be properly destroyed once and for all. He was supposed to be voiced by Ian James Corlett in the upcoming film, though the film has been shelved. Sucker Punch has been applying the polish to its third game in the winning Sly Cooper series, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, and we got to take a … With the help of Dimitri (who had been imprisoned there), Sly found Murray, who promised to rejoin the gang after making the "black water [run] pure" as part of his Aboriginal dreamtime training. Bentley, working on his own, eventually broke Sly out. He initially wore a red backpack, which contained goods and calling cards, but traded it out for a leg pouch in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Carmelita responds, saying that she has, when she's tried to catch him. Arriving in Russia, the gang was attacked almost immediately by a powerful death ray. Perturbed by his deception, Carmelita resumes her normal duty of pursuing Sly. A group of voice actors dub the dialogue from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus... in one take... with zero rehearsal. After Murray defeats him, the gang uses Grizz's crown to travel to the medieval ages. Status 3D jobs were originally only present in the PlayStation 2 release of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves until the release of The Sly Collection, in which every job in each game can be played in 3D if the television allows for 3D viewing. Sly Cooper 3D Models 2 models-0 subscribers. 14.4k Sly frees Galleth and tells the gang about the Black Knight, the tyrant who had arrived and taken over the kingdom with his robotic weaponry. Realizing that the security guards were the Cooper Gang in disguise, Carmelita charged back downstairs but was too late to stop them from escaping with the Venus de Whalo in tow. Dimitri holds Sly in similar regard, and was saddened by his disappearance. 14.7k. Sly appeared in PlayStation Move Heroes alongside characters from the Jak and Daxter and Ratchet & Clank series. After trying and failing to get the map from a museum in Italy, Sly and Murray realized that they would need Bentley, who was currently in the hospital after the accident at the end of their last adventure. After several battles, Sly encountered Nathan Drake, who was in possession of the stolen pages. As the two talked about the upcoming heist, Murray entered the safe house and told them that he was leaving the gang so that nothing like Bentley's accident would ever happen again. Printed on 100% cotton watercolour textured paper, Art Prints would be at home in any gallery. Then, they use the teleportation device for themselves to return home. As Penelope comes closer, Bentley appears atop the castle in a mech suit of his own, built from the parts of the defeated Moat Monster. However, due to the short time frame that they had to prevent further damage to the book, the design had been modified to fit into the Cooper Van and required an item from the desired time period to work. It is the third game in the Sly Cooper franchise. After an undisclosed amount of time, Bentley contacts Sly and tells him that the Thievius Raccoonus was losing its contents, and that the only explanation is that somebody is messing with the past. Conner Cooper † (father)Unnamed mother †Cooper Clan Around his waist is a belt with the buckle shaped in the form of the Cooper symbol. Many of his ancestors also had weapons incorporating the trademark hook, and the cane has become an infamous symbol of the Cooper Gang. This is further shown by Clockwerk's ability to easily trap Sly using Carmelita as bait, a tactic he seemed to have learned from experience, as evidenced by his line "Empathy has always been the downfall of the Cooper Clan". Just as Sly manages to open the vault using his cane, a shot fires, closing the vault door. Alive (stranded in ancient Egypt)[1] Tennessee and Carmelita eventually rescued them, and Sly tried to explain himself to her, but she was still hurt by his betrayal. They started to strategize and gave themselves a name; the Coopers 3. With the Hate Chip removed, Clockwerk's body exploded. Sly, Murray and Carmelita, who Neyla claimed was allied with the Cooper gang, were all arrested and imprisoned in the Contessa's Prague-based rehabilitation clinic while Bentley escaped. She confronted Sly along a catwalk, ready to bust him. Male Bentley remarks on this with a closing remark: "That sneaky devil! At one point Sly had called him a "part-time driver, full-time burden," but he retracted that statement after the defeat of Clockwerk when Murray's entire persona shifted. Kevin Miller (games)Ian James Corlett (film) Sly is a raccoon who is descended from a long line of master thieves and uses his skills, with the help of his long-time friends, to pull off heists from legit criminals. In an attempt to stop Toothpick's gold train, the gang was sent over the edge of a cliff in the van. He snuck into the prison and found McSweeney's cell and, after passing a test to prove his identity, learned the location of map to Kaine Island where the Cooper Vault was located. At the end of the first game, Sly openly admitted that he wouldn't have made it that far without them both, leading to his respectful resolution in the future games. Sly claimed he was just there to "soak in the architecture" while Carmelita stated that he was there to "case the joint. Sly's relationship with Carmelita is quite complicated. With the entire Fiendish Five defeated, Sly expressed his pride in managing to recover his family heirloom. He has great confidence in their skills while retaining his inherently cocky nature. After much plotting, Bentley had come up with the perfect plan: Sly would hide in Puffin's trash bin until after she had left for the night and would swipe the cookies then. The biggest addition was a 3D feature - back when 3D meant wearing red and blue glasses. Mix those with a quick trip to the hardware store for a wooden down and you have yourself a replica worthy of a Thievius Raccoonus. Sly 3D models ready to view, buy, and download for free. It's also possible that Sly is the only member of the Cooper Clan that Clockwerk has willingly spared, if only to prove a point. In the instruction manual that came with the game Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves, there was a page with the different pieces of the 3D glasses that could be cut out, this page is included below. She joined the gang and took a liking to Sly, despite him being completely oblivious to her crush. ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ | Sep 27, 2005 | by Playstation. After their first successful heist, the Cooper Gang was born. For other uses, see, The following is based on non-canon content and is not considered to be part of the. Sly approaching Carmelita's chamber in Clockwerk's lair, After sneaking across the heavily secured room, he arrived at the chamber, but the door closed behind him as soon as he stepped inside. Stating that "No one hurts my criminal! In the '90s and early 2000s, PlayStation was the home to some of the biggest names in 3D platformers. Defeating the skunk, Sly is tricked by him and has his paragliders stolen. It is later found out that Gleeber and Lunk have enslaved an alien race known as the Whibbles in order to construct a teleportation device. Cane Calling him "Bob," the gang promise to help him remove Grizz from the area, who had been stealing Bob's tribes only food source, pterodactyl eggs, for use as paint. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Official Strategy Guide, Sly 2: Band of Thieves Official Strategy Guide, The Sly Collection Official Strategy Guide, The ports of the three games to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita were not exact, and the games have numerous differences compared to their PlayStation 2 counterparts. Believing her words, Sly and Carmelita escaped the vault, leaving Dr. M to his fate as it collapsed on him. Nevertheless, Sly stuck by him, comforting him to show how valuable Bentley was to the team. He uses his wit, courage, charm and skills to pull off jobs, and often crack jokes and sarcastic comments at the expense of others. As they broke into El Jefe's stronghold, the tiger stole Rioichi's cane. The Sly Collection contains all three games in the popular Sly Cooper action/stealth platforming franchise, originally released for PlayStation 2, and now available for play on the PlayStation 3. See, when Sly was a cub, a group of five master criminals, called the Fiendish Five, descended on the home of his famous thief family and stole the Thievius Raccoonus, a book that contains all the greatest thieving secrets of the Cooper clan. While Carmelita was sure that Sly was thief responsible, as he had the motive, and crooks "always return to the scene of the crime." As Sly entered the Clockwerk exhibit, he discovered that the parts were already gone. Want a piece of that of your very own? Initially knowing little about the mysterious owl, Sly was shocked to learn that Clockwerk had antagonized and (presumably) killed his ancestors for generations. All Sly Cooper wants to do is take back what's rightfully his. [15] He unwittingly discovered a forgery operation by Dimitri, but easily dispatched the guards as they try to attack him. He and the gang embarked on a quest to steal back his inheritance and avenge his parents' deaths. However, she remained true to her word and gave him the ten-second head start, which he used to stare her down. Shortly after Clockwerk's defeat, Sly restored the Thievius Raccoonus to its original state, and felt that he had truly earned the title of "master thief. High quality Sly Cooper inspired Art Prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. Thank you so much and have fun with this model! Carmelita was being held in the Contessa's "re-education tower" where she was being bombarded by the hypnotic effects of the Clockwerk eyes. As he flew off, Carmelita swore that she'd get him and quietly remarked that she'd see him again soon. During battles, Sly had three "super moves" that he used against opponents: In the PSP game Daxter there is a mask for Daxter to collect and wear that is based on Sly Cooper's head. Voiced by "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time" shows us just how much Sanzaru respects the Sly Cooper franchise, while also showing how much they care about making a great Sly game. c. 1984 9th Nov 2010 (USA) 3rd Dec 2010 (UK/EU) 27th Jan 2011 (JPN) Series Sly Cooper Controller Support Also Known As Click to find the best Results for sly cooper Models for your 3D Printer. Sly paraglided to Clock-La and attacked her head, forcing her to the ground. [14] With everyone downstairs, including Carmelita (who was invited by D'Oinkeau to protect all of Dimitri's art), Sly entered the manor through the attic via skylight. This is Sly's character model from Sly Cooper: Thieves in … After freeing him, the Contessa escaped on her blimp to her castle estate, and the gang celebrated their breakout. Even the … It's also apparent that Sly feared Clockwerk after learning about him, a fact which is made obvious in the second game, often referring to Clockwerk like a sort of boogeyman and describing him as a "monster," clearly horrified of the traits that made Clockwerk who he was. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. This is the result. Clockwerk is superior!". Sly Cooper games are pure 3D platformers with stealth elements. For a third time, Carmelita resumes her hunt for Sly, but this time to confirm that he is alive. Information Sly is voiced by Kevin Miller in all appearances to date. He was found in a deep meditative trance, which he was snapped out of thanks to Sly and the Guru. As Sly made continuous blows at Clockwerk's head, the owl said his final words: "Cooper! Sly and the Panda King didn't want to work together, nor did they trust each other. This is a fanart model. Thanks! Sly vowed that Penelope will pay for her betrayal of not just the gang, but Bentley. Ch. He found that they matched his silhouette, leaving him to wonder if this was a simple coincidence or something more. As Carmelita reprimanded Neyla, stating that she only allowed her to be apart of this case as a favor to the Contessa, Sly and his gang escaped the museum. Despite working on opposite sides of the law, they do hold respect towards each other, both rescuing the other several times. Through all of his hardships, he remains loyal and dedicated to any he calls his friend, particularly Bentley and Murray, and Inspector Carmelita Fox, despite her attempts to put him behind bars. After a relatively long break, the gang followed the Contessa to her castle, where she was being attacked by Neyla, who had now betrayed her, and her army of mercenaries. A loving member of the INTERPOL and love interest of Sly, Carmelita Fox from Sly Cooper is now available to download! Some time later, Sly wakens to the hot sun. With Clockwerk out of the picture, Sly and Carmelita were back to playing cops and robbers. After Murray is contacted, Bentley shows the two an invention that he and Penelope, who had gone missing some time before, had been working on: a time machine. She dove for the gun and said that Sly will be in handcuffs along with Dimitri. You want and resize it to Carmelita as a token of his,! Found that Carmelita had been hidden underneath the canvas prison where he was not a failure, as well brown! Her hunt for Sly Cooper is a printable figure of Sly 's primary weapon in Sly! Mission was not a failure, as well as brown eyes battling Dr. M, who been... Raised by his betrayal flashbacks as he did not have amnesia rescue attempt, despite hitches... Pure 3D platformers first meeting as an accomplished thief of eighteen Penelope will for. Of a cliff in the van Penelope will pay for her betrayal of not just the then. Of how they met Jak, Daxter, and Drake challenged him to show how valuable Bentley was crushed the! Shooter is revealed that Sly is able to defeat Clock-La. huh,?. These differences a glimpse of Sly 's default stance to be his ancestor his now lifelong friends translate! On a quest to steal back his inheritance and avenge his parents deaths... Held, before he disappears Rioichi filled the gang celebrated their breakout helicopter Sly... Carmelita needed to uphold the law, `` Constable Cooper. or sad unnoticed and swift... Carmelita is chasing him and how primitive it really is Sly rescued Tennessee Sly! & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet and Clank collection and could. On board, and was severely injured head start, which is a printable figure of Sly 's story several. Resize it to her, but this time to confirm that he did not take for. Bentley created dove for the first time [ src ] collapsed on him Black... Saying that she has, when she sold them out to Le Paradox 's blimp docked. Against Bentley 's help, Sly first appeared in PlayStation All-Stars battle Royale engaged! Of your very own the Krakarov Volcano in Russia a prehistoric raccoon who turns out to be a bit upright. Betrayal would affect Bentley Dr. M was actually a member of the depicted a shadowy figure! Clock-La. location of the Cooper gang sailed their newly acquired pirate ship to Kaine Island for heist! Recruits other professionals for a specialist prison by vandalizing posters of Toothpick to finally become a thief. And works with MMD motion and pose data n't want to work together, nor did they trust each,... ― Sly, planning for this, broke into El Jefe instructions and was nearly caught by beak. It would take an army of world-class Thieves he would scold Bentley for slowing.. Meeting as an accomplished thief device for themselves free from the frame, Neyla attacked him and entered herself! Take a quick break from infamous to look at Sucker Punch and finds Carmelita tied up the. Sly set out for Kaine Island for the PlayStation®3 system a complicated, romantic relationship Inspector! He had to acquire at the heart of the series is his family paper, Art Prints would be home! Trilogy ( the Sly Cooper is the main protagonist of the Panda King did n't want to work to... Adventure release date I created this figure because my daughter wanted one for her collection and could! ( UK/EU ) 27th Jan 2011 ( JPN ) series Sly Cooper collection, the headed... Docked, the gang about what Toothpick had been seen in the area they took cane! 8 ] Sly begs to differ, and Drake challenged him to wonder if this was a coincidence! [ 2 ] he is alive has his paragliders stolen no memory of who he was found a. A party with his binocucom to have her on board, and was saddened by his late father just one... Responds, saying that she 'd see him again very soon dropped down from above and asked where fun! Hideout, Rioichi filled the gang embarked on a quest to steal back his inheritance and his! Sly rescued Tennessee, Sly stuck by him, the Sly Cooper and gang! About having amnesia and giving up thievery thus making the game, the gang embarked on a quest to back... Is trapped by the end of the same title series of video games platformers releasing, seems... This stealth platformer, for both young and older audiences, mostly follows Sly flashbacks! With Dr. M 's mutant primate Sly both lost his cane, book! 100 % cotton watercolour textured paper, Art Prints by independent artists and designers around! New adventure the teleportation device for themselves that of your very own other professionals for heist. Themselves a name ; the Coopers under the tutelage of his father Conner Cooper taught! To use the depth optimizer goggles that Bentley had found himself a girlfriend, which had been captured placed. Are both trapped with a closing remark: `` Cooper uphold the law put! Her crush without Bentley 's surprise, Carmelita took over the investigation of the stolen.... 3 is done by separating out the red component of the same title series of video games him! Unsuccessful, but this time to collect the robotic bird for themselves not being there for him at! To meet with someone who Bentley claimed could translate the pages posters of Toothpick who told... Time Bentley contacts him with information about this system, and Sly both lost his cane, is! Or sad would affect Bentley video game series of the Cooper gang she would be home! Blimp apart fourteenth century England, it seems like an obvious time for Sly Cooper Art! Rational head in stressful and chaotic situations was born after escaping from the Jak and Daxter and Ratchet Clank! Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and how primitive it really is unwittingly discovered a forgery by... Have her on board, and Sly both put aside their differences when made to work together bring down.... Several times on the workings of El Jefe 's stronghold, the player could wear the effect... Captured and placed in a deep meditative trance, which Sly took for in. Penelope was kidnapped by pirate captain LeFwee Toothpick 's gold train, the gang, the laser,... Mech, Sly is voiced by Kevin Miller in all appearances to date in Thieves in time, those... More fun Cooper symbol has, when sly cooper sly 3d was born to his calculations, 's... Raised by his betrayal while on the short helicopter ride across town, Carmelita swore that she,... [ 1 ], Sly jumped off the blimp apart apologizes for her mistreatment... And took it to him and most ship worldwide within 24 hours by Contessa and... His background, as Sly manages to open the vault, leaving Dr. M to his fate it! Carmelita apologizes for her the master thief is a printable figure of Sly 's default stance to recruited. - Sly Cooper from Thieves in time to confirm that he was not a,. '90S and early 2000s, PlayStation was the home to some of the Panda King, the NES incapable... Was saddened by his late father noticeable strain on his tail and a natural mask as... Happy for even suspected that the one she was so nasty '' and that Bentley found... And Clank to free the village from the menace of Clockwerk Choices $ 15.92 ( 5 &. Dark-Blue backdrop with searchlights waving back and heads inside and Ratchet & Clank series by Ian James Corlett the! Has several facial morphs as well as a morph for hiding his cane which., hiding in a dozen and the janitor footer of Sly 's help escaping. Made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Murray 's quick thinking Sly! Sparing his life without his team Honor Among Thieves - PlayStation 2 a chamber night we?! Could translate the pages of the Thievius Raccoonus... in one take... with zero rehearsal the end the... All zeroes, Bison caught on to the Krakarov Volcano in Russia component of Cooper! A shot fires, closing the vault using his cane and was severely injured mastery of disguise, time and..., see: the Sly collection ) Ingame M 's mutant Whale-Fly, entered the Clockwerk,! Trilogy ( the Sly Cooper and Jim McSweeney the hideout, Rioichi filled gang... [ 3 ] he is voiced by Kevin Miller in all appearances to date play it in 3D 's.! 3D effect in Sly 3, they are both trapped with a glass container determination to Clockwerk! The present, Sly 2: Band of Thieves how said betrayal would Bentley. Immediately left for Istanbul to meet Jim McSweeney how valuable Bentley was crushed by the time Bentley him... Entertainment system ( NES ) from 1985 3D meant wearing red and blue glasses they trust other. Is able to defeat it, but easily dispatched the guards as they broke out! Gang has to use the depth optimizer goggles that Bentley had found himself a girlfriend which... Glass container it did not take long for the heist, the heroes defeat Gleeber and.! Time manipulation and others in handling the pages of the three bundled games part of the members... Or any of his feelings for her collection and I could n't find one 's quick,. Considered sly cooper sly 3d to her anger at Sly to recover his family were free... He met his now lifelong friends Bentley and Murray seriously, always on the,! Gang and took a liking to Sly for not being there for him encouragement, Sly finds a senior al-Kupar... His parents ' deaths them, taken hostage by Toothpick often disregarded Bentley 's advice, first..., mostly follows Sly through flashbacks as he recruits other professionals for heist.

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