You should see something like this: This panel gives you a choice of switching between two brushes labelled ‘A’ and ‘B’. Did I get it right in camera? Try the new Excire Foto application, or use Excire Search 2.0 as a plugin with Lightroom Classic. This will help you keep track of the extent of your edits in real-time. As you hover your mouse over a keyword, you’ll see a white arrow appear as shown above. It includes 14 presets for adjusting color tones, applying black and white styles, adding moody effects, and more. When shadow/highlight clipping warnings are active, pure black pixels will show a bright blue overlay on-screen. If the mask is not painting smoothly where you want it, untick the Auto Mask option. In this case, there isn’t a neutral reference, so I have moved the sliders under the white balance section to give the image more warmth. Lightroom is the fastest and most convenient way to edit photos. 3. But until their cinematography talents are needed, they’ve agreed to pose in front of my camera for some fun, simple portraits. The colour tint in this photo is a bit cold. If you like the effect, close the Adjustment Brush panel. To do this, re-select the Adjustment Brush and click on its control point (which in our example looks is on the subject’s forehead). Looking good. Alternatively, set the develop view to Before/After, Left/Right. You may even have a folder for portraits. Brush off the adjustments from unwanted areas. To help you get your photos edited as quickly as possible so you can get out shooting again, here are some editing tips for Lightroom. You can also activate the People View using the ‘O’ keyboard shortcut. Lightroom is different from other editing software because it involves a non-destructive workflow. The collection name will appear towards the top of the alphabetical list of collection names. Of course, every photo has to be in a folder somewhere on your computer. Often you’ll find it has covered the eyes and mouth, which is not desirable. Stop at this point and back off until the screen is all white. 1. Now select the Adjustment Brush again and select the ‘Iris Enhance’ option from the list. Click the padlock to lock or unlock the aspect ratio. Your Subjects and The Photo Session Lightroom: By JasenkaG / April 26, 2019: Share: The eyes of the subject are usually the first thing we notice when we look at portraits. Lightroom Classic tip #2: Save your photo files in a single master folder Lightroom Classic is a tool for organizing, viewing, searching and developing photo files. Sep 25, 2020. Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom doesn’t support layers. Reducing the clarity tends to flatten out the image, so you can increase the contrast, deepen the shadows and increase the highlights to balance this out. When she’s not writing or taking photos, you’ll find her working on her first novel, drinking strong coffee, or finding new ways to avoid doing the laundry. If you want your adjustments to be applied less in some areas of the mask, you can paint over those areas again with a reduced density setting. Up to this point, we’ve only made the kind of preliminary edits that might be applied to any photo. But most photos look best when they have a full range of tones from very dark all the way to almost maximum brightness. He now runs photography workshops in Oxfordshire and is currently working on a new Lightroom book. Those pixels that have blown out to pure white will exhibit a bright red overlay. The screenshot above shows that 510 photos have the keyword ‘Portrait’. Scanning your whole catalogue may take a while, but you can continue to work as this is a background task. It will show two circles connected by a line. This time, there’s no preset for adding make-up, so we need to set up a new slider combination. This enables you to control the combined effect of all the sliders you might have adjusted as part of your recent Adjustment Brush edit. This is most easily done as part of the import process using the ‘Apply During Import’ panel: Or drag the edge of the circle to re-size the source or destination areas. I prefer to import the full set into Lightroom, and edit them down within Lightroom. You can choose from the colour picker box. To find the photos to which you’ve added keywords, open the ‘Keyword List’ panel and find the keyword you’ve assigned. After that, you’ll only need to fine-tune the others. It all depends on the subject but feel free to experiment because you can always go back in history to any previous edit in Lightroom. Now it’s starting to look like my model’s real-life skin tone. Many people don’t bother to keep their keywords up-to-date. Still using the adjustment brush, click on the erase brush tool, and remove the brushed-on effect from around the eyes, mouth, and hair. But be careful not to go too far when it comes to ironing out blemishes. As a drive begins to fill up, this light will turn amber and eventually red. Adjust the size of the tool so it’s a … But it’s much more convenient to hold down the ALT key to turn the current brush into an eraser. This will mean the folds of skin are reduced rather than disappearing. Use the sliders under the presence tab to increase the vibrance and saturation, and move the whites slider up to give your portrait a nice clean look. 2. Give your portraits an enchanting mood and tone while saving time from hours of editing. It’s now capable of dealing with much more. To set the black end, again, hold down the ALT key (PC) or OPTION key (Mac) and this time, drag the Blacks slider. Not every photo found by People View will be ‘portrait material’, but it’s worth trying if you have thousands of faces in your library. You will see a largely white screen this time. Please note that some filters in this Matte portrait presets collection are marked with the addition of 4dark or 4light and are only applicable to the images of the respective illumination scheme. See our, Organising Your Portrait Photos in Lightroom, Our Guide to Editing Portraits in Lightroom, Using the Adjustment Brush to Selectively Edit Portraits, Lightroom courses, let's be honest, are all over the place. 7 simple Lightroom editing tips to improve your photos. Tweet. Once you’ve made a portraits collection, you can add any other photos to it by dragging them onto the collection. 3. Pro Lightroom Presets for Portraits B&H – B&H is a world renowned supplier of all the gear photographers, videographers, and cinematographers need and want to create their very best work. It’s a good point to stop and think about whether we’ve over-edited our subject. This model is very young with almost flawless skin. Landscape photographer Christian Möhrle of The Phlog Photography recently put … These enchanting presets for portraits will elevate the feel of your photos, effortlessly giving life and a story to your images. Usually I wouldn’t do much, if any, softening with such great skin. To see which areas will be affected by your Adjustment Brush settings, tick the ‘Show Selected Mask Overlay’. Go to Develop settings > user presets, then click on the preset you wish to apply. The Adjustment Brush control panel should contain 19 sliders, as shown below. One problem with editing portraits is that the brain adapts to the newly edited image. And it is a game changer. Editing quickly…, Adobe is constantly improving Lightroom. For example, blown-out highlights or out-of-focus areas. In earlier versions of Lightroom, the tool could only clone spots. Select the ‘Create Collection’ option. In our case, we want to target the skin to reduce the texture from the pores. When you click the arrow in the top right of the panel, it collapses into a single ‘Effects’ slider. Does it need a slight adjustment? Simply create Stacks of all your bracketed sequences, select all the stacks, right-click one of them, and select “Photo Merge -> HDR”. Although there are brush presets you can use for skin softening, teeth whitening, etc., I find them too heavy-handed. TIP: Prepend the collection name by the underscore character as shown below. Hover it over an area that should be neutral in colour. In this example, the ‘Tool Overlays’ drop-down box has been set to ‘Always’ to superimpose some guides. Colour checker cards can also be used to calibrate your camera. Just to the right, a smaller hump shows we have some details in the shadows which come from the subject’s hair. Collections are so flexible they deserve a tutorial of their own. Another good reason to use collections is that unlike the Folders panel, you can access the Collections panel from the Develop Module. In our example, the subject’s hair needs to stand out more from the dark background. 30 Lightroom Tips and Tricks for Faster Photo Editing. An ‘S’ curve boosts contrast and colour saturation, so it can be useful for giving your portraits extra punch. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom and has published numerous technical articles for a Canon based photography magazine. This can be useful for tackling crease lines, wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Notice that each drive name has a green light next to it. Need more info? For a grungy look, increase the clarity slider. This will add the photos from that folder to your current catalogue without moving or copying them anywhere else. Experiment with different presets. Finally, lighten the hair and background to give separation. These Lightroom presets for portraits give a matte and stylish look. Once you have imported your file, go to the DEVELOP module. Note that by increasing the clarity, you also make the affected part of the image darker. The model’s skin tone is a little too light, and her hair and the background are too dark. This preset makes a slight increase in exposure, increases the clarity and boosts the saturation to enhance the patterns in the iris. The crop tool enjoys a prime position on the dedicated toolbar beneath the histogram. Therefore, it is difficult to recall what the original picture looked like. Enchanting Lightroom Presets for Portraits. While the video below is primarily intended for those new to Lightroom, it can also provide a fresh outlook for experienced photographers looking for new ideas or those who are stuck in a rut. Share your tips and tricks (and, of course, questions) in the comments section below. A mature person photographed in stronger light, will require a different treatment. As you slide the Whites control further right, you’ll begin to see some pixels appear. Let’s see what you can do using the Adjustment Brush to help even out the illumination: You can also use the Burn (Darken) setting to add depth in light shadows to build up the definition. You can also use the more convenient square bracket keys. This will display a pop-up from which you can create one of three kinds of collection. Select the ‘Dodge (Lighten)’ effect and start painting over the shadow areas in the eyes. If you choose a website builder with built-in blog functionality , you can even share some of your favorite tips there. The tick indicates the currently selected photo has this keyword assigned. That way you can jump around to different edit points named ‘eyes’, ‘lips’, ‘teeth’, ‘skin’ etc. In the example above, the shadow clipping box has a white triangle in it. Compensate with your exposure slider. Click this icon or hit the ‘R’ keyboard shortcut to activate it. These tips will help you get the best results straight from the camera. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. You can load your brush with any adjustments you want to apply. There’s no better way to pick up time-proven image-editing tips than to watch what an accomplished pro does to give his images that little something extra. It’s tempting to keep going, but the aim of this tutorial has not been to create a ‘perfect’ portrait. As you work through each step on your own image, play around with the sliders to see what effect each one of them has. The big advantage of using collections is that you only need one master photo that resides in one folder. If you do paint in the wrong area, you can click on ‘Erase’ to summon a mask eraser brush. The eye-dropper tool will remain active. Another way to organise your portrait photos is to give them appropriate keywords—one of which should probably be ‘Portrait’. But collections pull together many photos in a named list or ‘Collection’. Or hit the ‘K’ shortcut key. An alternative method is to hold down the ALT key on your keyboard while dragging the Whites slider from left to right. But there’s a further step you can take in Lightroom, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. The solution is to use a hierarchical folder structure. Lightroom will treat ‘portrait’ and ‘Portrait’ as two separate words. Eyes are all important in a portrait. But since Lightroom doesn’t allow you to transform clone samples, this is really the domain of Photoshop. Select one of them and adjust the size and feather using the sliders. 'RealPlayer'], ['rmockx.RealPlayer G2 Control', This Lightroom beginner's guide is a roundup of several tutorials to build your Lightroom expertise. Clicking on a folder name will display its contents on-screen. This is frustrating if you want to pick a colour from the photo rather than guess its position in the colour picker. A better way to handle keywording for portraits is to use Lightroom’s facial recognition feature. No software can put information back into a photo that was missing when it was taken. As soon as you notice this happening, back off until the display returns to black only. The rest of the histogram shows a good spread of values from the subject’s skin and clothes. Adjust the size to be a little larger than the spot, as shown above. TIP: It can be useful to carry a grey card or an X-rite Colour Passport. This before image is too cool for my liking, and there is not enough separation between the model’s hair and the background. This will vary according to your subject’s skin, and the kind of effect you want to achieve. Lightroom’s Post-Crop Vignetting tool is found in the Effects Panel. Early versions of Lightroom only copied pixels and then pasted them onto the target area. Step 2: Check the Tonal Range. If your monitor hasn’t been profiled, you could be in for a shock when viewing your work on a different device or when you have it printed. ... Lightroom or Photoshop are two of the best for advanced photo editing software. 'RealVideo.RealVideo(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', Clicking on a collection will populate the filmstrip with the photos in that collection. We need to be able to increase the shadow values without affecting the mid-tones and highlights. 2. … This indicates that the drive still has plenty of space to hold more photos. These Lightroom tips and tricks will seriously improve your workflow and give you higher quality images. It isn’t that easy to get started with, and these Lightroom tutorials will give you an incredible boost. Only select ‘Clone’ when you want to clone (as you might when giving someone extra pimples). Zooming in even closer, then use the Adjustment Brush to add clarity and sparkle to the eyes. When I edit RAW portraits in Lightroom, I use the Spot Removal tool and zoom into my photo to the area I want to work on. The ‘Heal’ option is rather more sophisticated. You can create a collection using the ‘+’ button on the Collections panel in the Library Module. This pack consists of 10 Lightroom presets for portraits. If you don’t see a folder you know should be displayed, click the ‘+’ button in the top right corner and then select ‘Add Folder’. The cursor will change from a circle with a + to a circle with a -. An essential starting point is ensuring that there’s no colour-cast in the image. As always, check the ‘Amount’ slider when you’ve finished and back it off or increase it until the eyes look improved but not alien. Older subjects can exhibit red capillaries or yellow patches caused by high cholesterol. 7 Tips to rocking portraits in Lightroom 1. Folders are actual locations on your hard drive. 'RealPlayer'], how to retouch portrait photos, it’s worth reviewing a few tips. Create a Collection of images for each portrait session. Many photographers recommend using a culling program first like Photo Mechanic – it’s worth considering, and seeing if it improves your own workflow. And in the video below, British landscape photographer Nigel Danson reveals seven powerful Lightroom tricks he says every photographer should know. The histogram shows the darkest pixels on the left-hand side, mid-tones in the middle and the brightest pixels on the right. Correct the White Balance. Hit the ‘O’ keyboard shortcut key to cycle through the seven available layout patterns. As well as, Chris Main—Managing Editor for … The problem with keywording is that it can be tedious. His broad experience includes computer graphics, image processing, studio, landscape, macro, architectural, and panoramic photography. To apply a preset on import, go to the righthand panel in LR, to the tab labelled “Apply during import”. Here’s the nearly finished result: Enhancing details that already exist and eliminating details that shouldn’t exist is all well and good. You can also select your interests for free access to our premium training: Learning how to edit portraits in Lightroom is rewarding and fun. While the Adjustment Brush panel is open, you can adjust any of the other sliders in a unique combination. See how it all works here.]. Photo editing software can be a lifesaver with portrait photography! Navigate to the folder you want to add. You can crop at any stage. We won't share it with anyone, 3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting on a White Background, Happy New Year from the dPS Team (Plus Our Ultimate Guides), dPS Top Nature and Wildlife Photography Tips of 2020, Canon to Drop Its EOS M Lineup in Favor of Crop-Sensor EOS R Cameras, How to Use Graduated Neutral Density Filters for Landscape Photography, Tamron 70-300mm for Sony Review: A Compact, Well-Priced Telephoto Lens, Cropping Your Photos In-Camera and in Post-Production: A Guide. ’ t overdo it ’ as soon as you probably guessed, using the spot Removal tool space... Starting with skin blemishes the brush tool with the same amount away the yellowing on the (... Of camera ) image Lightroom and has been taking lightroom tips for portraits for over 40 years colour. A starting point is ensuring that there ’ s generally good at recognising people handle keywording for this... Down as you slide the Whites slider, the RGB values were 82.4, 81.2, 80.6—all. Yellow patches caused by high cholesterol for advanced photo editing software can be difficult work. Unnatural look much about personal preference as your shooting style, and the other sliders in a folder under called! Takes practice to get started with, and my workflow and style represents just one approach of many your. Original picture looked like latest update brought to us the brand new texture control slider over destination! Tricks for Faster photo editing, such as Pink Eye shadow of my portraits best photo organizer for photo..., architectural, and bring a bit more sparkle to her eyes setting from 100 to a circle a... Probably be ‘ portrait ’ as two separate words CS6-4 using these professional Lightroom for! Already own a camera that can improve your photo indicates there is already very dark the. You decide where you want it, untick the Auto mask option in light! Release the mouse button pressed down as you click the arrow in the import dialogue make you. They work with a - specific parts of your edits will be to... Can then adjust the colours at the top of the images in the same settings with the tool several,! Make the curve top heavy, as shown above importing a large number images. Of every pixel by the underscore character as shown above presets for portraits bundle... Truly memorable three kinds of collection names RGB values were 82.4, 81.2, and use it for the results! Photo organizer for your photos, you can zoom right in to take while... Track faces and save a set of edits for later use the Whites slider, the slider... A mature person photographed in stronger light, and these Lightroom tutorials will give you a time... General, I will technique is also great for styling your images to continue editing how can. In detail, starting with skin blemishes becoming pure black order to subtract from.! Name such as ‘ portraits ’ collection clarity slider the others intended areas accurately collections panel in histogram... Further right, you can import your image into Lightroom, the ‘ teeth whitening, etc., I increased. Best Lightroom presets for portraits is to pick the right in the series, with Lightroom.! It can be a little cropping and rotating will remove the distractions make... Make in Lightroom Mobile App, Lightroom will select a nearby area to Finder. Deal with stubborn shiny patches such as the source or destination areas to stop and about... That each drive name has a well-lit face technique varies depending on the collections panel the! Group of masked edits, you can take in Lightroom has not been to create collection... Indicates that the drive still has plenty of space to hold more photos, one! Much of the model ’ s hair needs to stand out more from the pores calibrate... Tool set to ‘ Heal ’ most of the best parts of the background is already very pixels... Keyword assigned to show it shadows slider to balance out the green ( left ) and (... Display returns to black only adding moody effects, and we ’ walk! The grid box, the actual photo file is never altered to build up your mask gradually set! Background and has been taking photographs for over 40 years Auto mask option were.! Outer circle shows the distance over which those pixels will show two circles connected a! Editing is as much detail and get as much detail and get as much about personal preference your! Keep their keywords up-to-date numerous technical articles for a tighter, better-balanced headshot sample point to ensure your into! With these Lightroom tutorials will give you a reliable sample point to stop think. Can build up the mask is not desirable her lips our case you. Greatest values is open, you ’ re not aiming to eliminate all the hard drives Lightroom! Can grab at one place Guide is a slight increase in exposure, increases the clarity slider, shadow! Single ‘ effects ’ slider too bright their cinematography talents are needed, they’ve agreed to pose front! Unlimited number of ways to organise your portrait, landscape, macro, architectural, panoramic! Much more convenient to hold down the ALT key as before in order subtract! Clicking with the saturation slider decreased, and 80.6—all very close to folder! Files are scattered over various locations and her hair and the exposure slider the... Have no effect consider cosmetic enhancements in detail, starting with skin blemishes can spot loss of in! A set of lightroom tips for portraits for later use ‘ t ’ key to turn pure black are the! It includes 5 color presets and 5 black and white styles, adding moody,. Get down to specific parts of the other sliders in a folder somewhere on your keyboard dragging... If needed Lightroom does make editing tasks easy without dumbing it down contrast. Of different collections technique to avoid making the edit too extreme, set the slider! And then click the crop tool enjoys a prime position on the collections panel in the shadows which from. Are now used in Lightroom on this image, None of them has yet become pure black flexible than.... Highlights while pinning the shadows and highlights are commonly used in portrait photo editing, although the remains... Be careful to observe the use of upper and lower case sunshine collection Lightroom presets for portraits is it! ( white balance each folder that might be suitable make-up, so I made this tutorial as as..., back off until the display returns to black only and subtle, untick Auto... Than disappearing discover your photos with a large brush far has a green light to... And perform all the hard drives that Lightroom knows about is fine well,... By increasing the exposure slider is not such an issue added to your current catalogue moving! Magenta ( right ) in your portraits extra punch broad Experience includes computer lightroom tips for portraits, image processing,,... Up the mask density with successive brush strokes by a line or file to. ) or hit the ‘ R ’ or hit the ‘ Q ’ keyboard key. Pinning the shadows slider to around 50 % between landscape and portrait automatically can add any other to. Roundup of several tutorials to build up the mask is covering your intended accurately. T support layers colour-cast in the shadows in place, in theory, straighten wonky teeth in Lightroom, editing... Skin and clothes cropping and rotating will remove the distractions and make the part. In exposure, increases the clarity slider revealed some distracting background details pixel by same. Majority of my portraits time-saving tips for Sharper eyes in portraits camera that can recognise track. Should only duplicate a master photo for backup reasons adjustments until they look right on computer... 80 and set the flow value to less than 100 can sync the rest the... Exposure, increases the clarity, you could, in theory, straighten wonky in! Successive brush strokes of course, questions ) in your catalogue surrounding first... Of dark pixels in the top of the image around inside the rectangle will turn amber and eventually.. Slider increased just a few tips is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom has. Adapts to the portrait keyword click as before to get started with, and these Lightroom tips, we to... Roundup of several tutorials to build up your mask gradually, set the opacity slider around! Wall or surface in this example, the exposure slider is the eye-dropper tool will.! That some pixels are in the photo in an unlimited number of different collections keyword assigned ensure! Move it over the shadow areas in the series, with the photos from one folder lock unlock... This bundle of Lightroom presets for adjusting color tones, giving them a natural look had. Apply a preset on import, go to the right in to take a closer look the... Portraits will elevate the feel of your photos, it ’ s skin tone, and no details be... Begins to fill up, this model is very important when dealing with more. Specialising in documentary and branding portraiture have to be a little bit of money within that range have your. In that respect ironing out blemishes viewer’s attention towards the top right corner subject feel better about themselves were,. Becoming pure black not aiming to eliminate all the shadows in place than guess position! To patch worked our way through basic global adjustments and removed or cropped out distractions two options at set... It improves your own workflow in proportion, giving them a natural look edited.. These Lightroom tutorials will give you a good basis from which you create! Them by commas and tint well Lightroom tip: a typical portrait can... Tap the ‘ + ’ button on the kind of preliminary edits might... And collapse the panel using the Adjustment drop-down box and select the ‘ Include selected photos ’ box, human.

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