Add warm water little by little working the flour in between your finger,making sure your rice flour does not form big lumps of it.Continue to do this until you get all the ragi flour is in granular form. This puttu is very healthy and it makes a great breakfast along with ghee and banana.As you all know, finger millet has high nutritional value , especially rich in iron and calcium . It has to be neither sticky nor dry. Serving suggestion: You can serve it with banana and milk. If you do not have a If you want to make it using maker, just follow the steps, instead of steaming using a muslin cloth and idli plates, you can use the puttu maker. Here is an ultra soft, lump-free version. When the water becomes warm, take the ragi flour in a … Ingredients. Ragi becomes rubbery and tends to stick in the mouth if you make puttu with ragi flour alone like oats puttu. Making perfect soft puttu depends on, the moisture level of the uncooked flour. Always add water very slowly when you are preparing the puttu flour. Once the dish appears to be steam, turn off the flame. And so ragi was a big 'no' when it comes to making puttu. Keep doing this till the entire floor is finished, or the cylinder is almost full. Jowar puttu is almost similar to the rice puttu in flavour, though the ragi has a strong distinct taste of its own. it can be either dosa recipes or idli recipes which are prepared with various natively available ingredients. Once it boils, switch off the flame and keep the water aside for cooling. Even today, in south tamilnadu, finger millet porridge is the first solid food introduced to the child. Calcium & Iron-rich Finger millet makes it a nutritious breakfast. MY GRANDMA'S RECIPE: A healthy, iron-rich version of the regular puttu Making kuzha Puttu with kadala curry and posting recipe in Prema’s Culinary is a long time dream.But I don’t have puttu maker so i didn’t try it at home but normally I use to make the vella puttu or karuppati puttu in idli steamer on Navratri days. You can serve with kuruma or just sprinkle sugar and serve. puttu recipe | puttu with puttu maker | how to make kerala puttu recipe with step by step photo and video recipe. First layer it with 2 tbsp of grated coconut and above that add a handful of puttu flour. It reverts skin ageing and keeps you young. Ragi controls diabetes. Sprinkle water little by little and mix into the flour making sure you rab theflour between your palms using single hand/ both hands. More than breakfast, she used to make it during evening times. I simply love this ragi puttu recipe. A very delicate and moist steamed ragi cake is ready to serve. 4 cups Ragi flour. I have made this with store bought puttu flour but you can make Puttu with rice flour too. Salt to taste; 1 cup Grated coconut. Take out Ragi Puttu from the puttu maker and serve warm. This recipe of puttu iam sharing today is a plain puttu. Puttu is a popular dish from Kerala, India made with grounded rice/ragi mixed with coconut. This is one of the highly nutritious millet. Puttu is a simple rice flour preparation with grated coconut and is steamed in a special puttu maker. Tips For Cooking in Non-Indian Kitchen: 1. Puttu is a popular Kerala breakfast recipe, generally served with Kadala curry. My Notes 1. They prepared the giant puttu in a specially designed 12-foot long aluminum mold, using 20 … Put it loosely. Puttu maker | Ragi flour mix ready to be layered in puttu maker: 1. Repeat the same process with another layer of ragi flour, coconut and again ragi at the top. I especially love bread puttu. She had this big aluminium puttu maker in which she would make this dish. Steam it for … RAGI PUTTU - Kezhvaragu(Finger Millet) Puttu Ragi (Kezhvaragu/ Finger Millet/ Keppai/ Ragulu) is one of the most healthy cereals. Method For Sweet Puttu. I have tried all ways of making this ragi puttu flour and below mentioned is the right ratio of getting a soft delicious ragi puttu. Kids can eat with ease and jaggery sweetener makes it more healthier. According to the India Tourism report, in 2006, students of the Oriental school of Hotel Management in Wayanad in north Kerala made a 10-foot long puttu in 90 minutes. It has high protein content and good source of calcium. I don’t remember her ever making with rice flour, I wonder why. Working moms can prepare the puttu flour in … 1 cup of ragi flour; 1 cup of puttu podi/ rice flour; 6 tbsp of shredded coconut; 1/2 cup of Water; Salt as required; Method. This Ragi Aval Puttu is different than the original puttu dish as it is added with the goodness of ragi. This is the first time I tried making puttu and to my surprise came out really well. Sep 13, 2020 - Puttu is a popular breakfast recipe from the Kerala cuisine. This is usually served with black chickpeas in Kerala. In a bowl, mix the ragi flour, rice flour, 4 spoons of shredded coconut and salt until all the ingredients get distributed evenly. Add sugar to ragi puttu and mix it well.Garnish with coconut flakes or … Stick to the tests for getting perfect fluffier puttu every time you make. Heat some water in a pan, add some salt and heat it to boil. Remove the puttu maker from the vent .Open the lid of the puttumaker and you can see droplets all over the puttu which means it is cooked,if not keep it on vent pipe for another few mins to get cooked. You may add more rice flour and less ragi for a milder flavour. Sieving the flour using the steel strainer is optional. Add grated coconut flakes on the top of the dough portions placed in the puttu maker for giving it a good look. It is traditionally made by steaming rice flour with grated coconut. Puttu can be made using Puttu maker, however, I made puttu sans the maker. Fill the bottom vessel of the puttu maker with water and adjust the puttu maker. Water to mix. The addition of ragi does not just enhance the taste of the dish but also provides several health benefits. It is a healthy and delicious way to start your day. Buy Aluminium Chirattaputtu Maker Method of preparation of Ragi puttu or Steamed finger millet flour cake. Kezhvaragu/Ragi Puttu - another easy puttu recipe. Now, yummy ragi puttu is ready to be served. Note: If you think ragi is dry after cooking, just sprinkle little hot water or hot milk and mix it well. My mom regularly makes Ragi puttu, and as kids we love to eat that. It is steamed in puttu maker and a very healthy food. 2. Now fill the Puttu pot with water and fix the cylinder tube as per instructions. Then, cover the lid and allow the dish to steam for about 8-10 minutes. 2. Then add cardamom powder, grated coconut, sugar and mix really good with hand. Keep it on the flame on high for 4-5 minutes and put off the flame. 2. south indian cuisine is hugely popular for its myriad range of healthy and steamed breakfast recipes. Bureau de conseil pour l’agro-industrie en qualité, sécurité, performance et gestion professionnelle Plus de 19 ans d’expérience. Directions. I personally liked the jowar puttu more than the ragi puttu. The ragi color turns dark brown, shiny when they cooked well, make sure the bottom/inner dough also cooked well (if there is any raw uncooked dough continue steaming for 1 or 2 minutes as needed). Take ragi flour in a clean utensil, add salt and mix well. Finger millet is a highly nutritional millet. Take the puttu maker, fill the base of the maker with Water till half of its capacity and keep it in flame. … Do not press the flour. Take the cylindrical portion of the puttu maker, add round holed mould to one end of the cylinder and then add one fist full of grated coconut and top it with 2 fist full of raagi flour. Puttu is served with black channa curry (kadala curry) and papadum. You can use puttu maker too. In the bottom of puttu maker i.e Puttu kudum, add 3 cups of water and let it roll boil.In the mean time, take the long cylindrical puttu kutti and put the perforated steel disc on the bottom of the cylinder. She makes generally sweet puttu. First, add grated coconut, then adds a layer of rice. It is advisable to add Ragi in… Ragi puttu is usually considered as a chewy stuff with many lumps. Use any steamer instead of puttu maker… You can serve this steamed puttu without disturbing the dome-shape/cheratai shape accompanying it with kerala konda kadala curry - best suits for **White puttu (Rice puttu/Arisi maavu puttu), **but normally we do not make any curries to accompany with Ragi Puttu. More than the rice putti, Ammi used to make the ragi puttu recipe when I was small. Now start filling the Puttu maker’s cylinder. ... Soy Chunks 65/Meal Maker 65/Soy 65. Tips and Variations Ragi Puttu: 1. In a bowl add the ragi flour and salt mix well until the salt in evenly distributed.

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