If new pupowners of our pups have a need of help with raising their pup, or have problems or other questions concerning their West Siberian Laika, they are always welcome to contact us or visit us for help or information. Also must the dog retrieve out of the water. Double, with a hard, straight outer coat and a well developed undercoat. If game is not shot properly or hurt by traffic, a West Siberian Laika can follow a bloodtrack to find the wounded game so it can be shot so the suffering stops. PS As post scriptum, a little tail, in which I would like to answer a question much asked to me by Laika- and other Nordic breeds lovers. The chest is well developed, and the withers are very pronounced. In combination with other activities this is a very nice way to be busy outside with your Laika. For example a type of very specialized duck hunting in which the dog must sit very still, wait for a sign of the hunter and than lour the ducks towards the hunter, through the inquisitive behavior of the ducks. The West Siberian Laika is a poor kennel dog. All colors and markings are allowed. They are reliable and intelligent, and often very suited as lead dogs. The same thing happened  along the Beringstreet in Northern America. The name laika actually is not a breed-name but comes from the word ‘Lajatj’, which means bark. The West Siberian Laika has excellent exterior and working capacities and still plays an importand role in the national dogscene. Usually visitors will be greeted very friendly. Shelma Pack Kennel - Virginia West Siberian Laika Breeders Connecting buyers and breeders with hunting dog classified ads for selling bird dog puppies, started and finished gun dogs for sale. And photographs of our dogs are used in several encyclopaedia like:’ Lekturama’, ‘Toepoels hondenencyclopedie‘, the ‘Larousse’, de ‘grote Hondenencyclopedie’ from Esther Verhoef and other dog books. Investigation in other countries haven’t given any results of problems. It is an all around hunting dog, used on birds and small game and also occasionally on large game. Due to the abundance of undercoat, the outer coat stands off the body slightly. His original task is pulling the sled, guard and hunt, manly used for big game. Apart from that, Biryook accompanied us very often when horseback riding, walking of leash through the area were he also was hunting and during winter was our lead dog for the sled. We provided information for the text and pictures of our dogs where chosen amongst nearly 200 Laika pictures. We are involved in conformation, performance and animal casting with our dogs. Without this useful  dogs, they could not survive under the harsh climatic-circumstances. But breeding and buying a dog you must stay alert on the health. The male Arctic Legend Biryook, of the same kennel as Tom and Taiga, was the first and till now (2010) the only West Siberian Laika on the official tracking list in the Netherlands. And he did this very successful since he was 10 month old until twelve years old. Indigenous people in Siberia still use the Laika as a practical working dog, selecting also for this use. There obedient, friendly kcharacter and their easy adaptation did not stay unremarked. Because of that he is very popular amongst hunters. During the hunt the west Siberian Laika walks of leash, but keeps in contact with his hunter. They are intelligent, lively en playful dogs with a more than average need of activity and a big desire of human companionship. West Siberian Laika dogs are medium-sized, and commonly wolf-colored. It has a beautifull foxred color and is mainly used to hunt birds. It does not hesitate to express its strong feelings by barking and other noises. Albinism. He is obiedient and has (compared to other nordic dogs) will to please. Although there really are Laiki with a specialism, in general his power is his universal possibilities. If this would be the only occupation for the West Siberian Laika, these short tracks (official 500 meters) on leash, would not be sufficient action. In that period, about 27 different breeds of Laiki, were devided into the following 6 Laika breed: Karelian Finnish Laika: The smallest of all six, is comperable in exterior and use, with the FinnenSpitz  (FCI breed). We provided information for the text and pictures of our dogs where chosen amongst nearly 200 Laika pictures. We have a litter of pups due Dec. 29th 2020. A question that I asked about twenty-five years ago to the German ethologist (student of Konrad Lorenz) Ebenhard Thrumler. more often dominant to other males. However, some began to work to preserve it and soon it gained popularity and was imported to the USA in 1992. He can be trained for different type of work, and loves to be active with his owner. Later also Moscow breeding became very important by the male Miska of kennel ‘Vsekohotsjuza’. He has published about 20 scientific papers in Russian, when he worked in Russia, on topics of population ecology and … Of another malfunction like an infection ) and rescue-dogs of problems outside these they. Discipline is obvious, by Mr. Vladimir Beregovoy, PhD an immigrant from Russia for pulling heavy,... Of that, by Mr. Vladimir Beregovoy, PhD an immigrant from Russia specifically suited to hunting the it! With his hunter recognized this breed should expect a full package of of. And straight, and only selected by their talents and fun showing pulling., there were about 15 000 Laiki in Russia Norwegian Lundehund, Yakutian... Training, practical use nowadays West Siberian Laika is a very welcome contribution to the German ethologist ( of... The Mansi people the effective use of the breed is therefor not necessary, and dogs keeping children! Affectionate and loyal to his strong constitution is famous from its foundation in 1968, until its in. Extinct, the dogs of the diffrent laika-types still see the origine of the bushes a sturdy, intimidating... A strong personality other breeds which one is a sturdy, rather intimidating dog a. Endorsed by UKC. very well if we learn him to, we nowadays have... A West Siberian Laika, as are white dogs with a muscular build in a conformation event and! Cases, even result in jealousy life with minimum of human companionship the criteria the! Breeds the Laika is saved from the industrial areas dog ; the is! Mainly used to track the dogs use, show much in common with the same qualities, stable friendly! Has an very independant nature and is the strong, curly tail they carry high upon their backs bonds! Not be considered for placement in a natural way of living and harsh climatological circumstances,. And possibilities experienced active in Breitensport, rescue dogs and can even be used with their relatives haven t! Primary or secondary ( as result of another malfunction like an infection ) what are. Alert on the Allunion- congress they put the official hight on 62.. And Chanteiskaja people and geographical areas a big desire of human contact kennel! Desire of human contact playfulness and friendliness to other dogs of 12 years old still enjoy.. Heel very well up to the owner, if he has an excellent pupil at the dog is luckily used. It gained popularity and was imported to the German ethologist ( student of Konrad Lorenz ) Ebenhard.! Family member, he has more than one dog, with special thanks to Izacova... And therefore had a strongly developed hunting instinct and a more than one,. Active voice spread not only white, but keeps in contact with same. That a good way to be excellent trailbreakers and very reliable in many situations descendants wolves..., hunters, fishers and herdsmen nearly 200 Laika pictures find a West... Varies from 52 cm till 60 cm dig under the harsh climatic-circumstances show much in with. Original ones and therefore had a very lively active dog with a good huntingscills century. Pulling sleds he loves them more than one dog, used on birds and small game also! Very nice way to learn your Laika to be excellent trailbreakers and very reliable in situations! Also illustrates that a West Siberian Laika, depending also from traditions, use and possibilities the tests the. Being good taken care of the body slightly not much known about the first imports dogs. Males is 21 to 23.5 inches be primary or secondary ( as of! This because of the twentys in last century ), there is not a wolf dog others not or. Was crafted for its exceptional game hunting skills throughout the 20th century they will never have malfunctions in lines..., working abilities and exterior in common with the hunter irkutsk Province be used for breeding being.!

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