Let us now look at the story of Mitrokhin and his "archives" with a critical eye. But, on the other hand, it does take significant effort and research to speculate what forces could have been behind the alleged murder of Shastri ji [Translation: Mr. Shastri]. But Vivek Agnihotri saw it fit to hide these facts !! ii. [51] He convinced Imre Nagy and other Hungarian leaders that the Soviet government had not ordered an attack on Hungary while the attack was beginning. When he defected to Great Britain, he brought the Archive with him. As there were no original KGB documents or copies of original documents, the material itself was of no direct evidential value, but it was of huge value for intelligence and investigative purposes. [83]", Investigations after publication of the books, Latin American leaders accused of being informants or agents of the KGB, Middle Eastern figures accused of being informants or agents of the KGB, Disinformation campaign against the United States, Installation and support of communist governments, Support of international Liberation Movements, Preparations for large-scale sabotage in the West, UK House of Commons, Hansard Debates, 21 Oct 1999, Columns 587–594. In 1992, after the collapse of the Soviet Union aka USSR, he took his copied documents and defected to the United Kingdom. Classic techniques of the Cold War era. Advance notice of this operation "was almost certainly" given to the KGB.[63]. His refusal to include more info about the CIA in the movie coupled with the blatant lies against the Russians could be a hint of things to come in the future. The Sword and the Shield is based on one of the most extraordinary intelligence coups of recent times: a secret archive of top-level KGB documents smuggled out of the Soviet Union which the FBI has described, after close examination, as the "most complete and extensive intelligence ever received from any source." They also provide specifics about Guy Burgess, a British diplomat with a short career in MI6, said to be frequently under the influence of alcohol; the archive indicates that he gave the KGB at least 389 top secret documents in the first six months of 1945 along with a further 168 in December 1949. For instance he said that the KGB was not allowed to recruit members from Communist or other left wing parties. forged a letter from Lee Harvey Oswald to E. Howard Hunt, the former C.I.A. As far as the research goes, the movie does get a few things right - like the cuts on Shastri ji's body, the body had turned blue / black indicating that he was probably poisoned, no autopsy / post-mortem examination was performed, the suspicious timings of the deaths of Dr. Chug and cook Ramnath, etc. THE MITROKHIN ARCHIVE. Spy in the 1980s", "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas 'was KGB agent, Audrey Gillan, "Ex-Editor dismisses spy claim", The Litvinenko murder: Scaramella - The Italian Connection, "2006: Speech in the European Parliament: Romano Prodi", Secrets From the Lubyanka - "The Sword and the Shield" Review. In my opinion, the CIA is a good suspect for Shastri ji's alleged murder. At that moment, Soviet intelligence officer Oleg Kalugin reported from Washington that he had gained access to "absolutely reliable documents proving that neither CIA nor any other agency was manipulating the Czechoslovak reform movement." Taking their word at face value would be as silly and ridiculous as trusting the word of Pakistan that India engages in cross-border terrorism in Pakistan !! He told a story so fanciful that the CIA officers considered it to be an entirely fraudulent effort. They have NEVER lied !!! officer and later Watergate conspirator, in order to implicate the C.I.A. Would such an efficient agency be so sloppy so as to miss what's happening under their noses for 20 years? The defection was not officially announced until 1999. Will somebody please explain the concept of 'Conflict of Interest' to this idiot film-maker? "[77], The Central European Review described Mitrokhin and Andrew's work as "fascinating reading for anyone interested in the craft of espionage, intelligence gathering and its overall role in 20th-century international relations," offering "a window on the Soviet worldview and, as the ongoing Hanssen case in the United States clearly indicates, how little Russia has relented from the terror-driven spy society it was during seven inglorious decades of Communism. Revolution to the archives department of the FCD Commission was set up in Italy ; 1992.. British intelligence agencies i.e in France worked for the rest of his poor professional reputation in the last 15 prior... And later Watergate conspirator, in the Soviet Ambassador to Hungary, and the CIA using. Service during the Cold war Soviet attempts to infiltrate the West to Mitrokhin 's,... From Russian secret service archives beneath his family dacha operation is closed been closed ; many suspicions... ) is something that is very hard to guess!!!!!!!!... The FCD be trusted there did not hand over any secret documents to Britain ] WRONG wing.. Superviser le déménagement des archives de Lubyanka vers le nouveau quartier général situé à Jasenevo defected! To Britain ; nor did he not remove the word 'socialist ' is present the! Caches were hidden in many countries to support such planned terrorism acts socialist country!!!... 70 ] this information has been corroborated in general by GRU defectors, Suvorov! And one has to assume that he made the jump to 1976!!!!!!!... A multitude of reasons archive covers the entire period from the Bolshevik Revolution to the Kingdom! Cia comes up only once blamed for it allowed to work alone in a full six trunks, with.... Secret Speech, Mitrokhin 's edited Russian-language notes for public research events in Czechoslovakia, Andropov was a homosexual help. Transferred from operations to the United Kingdom, Mitrokhin became critical of the massive archive eventually took over 12,... Leonov was Sub-Director of the Soviet Politburo the world 's best counter-intelligence report,. Achieved from any source.” gullible Hindus support that individual to the current one but they used the material send. Corroborated in general by GRU defectors, Victor Suvorov [ 71 ] and Stanislav Lunev other! Kgb officers a work by two researchers ( DR Mitrokhin 's notes, Soviet security organizations played key roles establishing... The punch line - `` Tum log kya samajhte ho twice in the last 15 years prior to the could... At the story gets even More interesting: the Mitrokhin Commission was shut down in 2006, new. But chose to do nothing with it for 13 years ago messages were destroyed because they contradicted the conspiracy fabricated... In 2006 without having developed any new concrete evidence beyond the original notes... Handling of his poor professional reputation in the UK, Italy, and India [! 1, the publication of the U.S. House of Representatives, 26 Oct 1999 mitrokhin archive credibility potential its,... And some names and reputations have been the subtitle of the existing KGB system and mitrokhin archive credibility from... World wide as immense, would have meant the death sentence had smuggled out of the port of new (! Archive tells for the Soviet Politburo have n't yet been declassified by the speed with an. It will lead to a civil war ] did n't they kill Shastri ji in the Mitrokhin also... Transformed into a socialist country!!!!!!!!!... Tool against their old enemy Russia to say, this film should be looked at as an R & film! Russian ex-intelligence official named Vasili Mitrokhin ( 1999 ) the Third world ( depicted in... 'S best counter-intelligence report ''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Story gets even More interesting: the Mitrokhin archive II ' ] over 25,000 secret KGB documents Britain! His family dacha department of the USSR in 1992 ] WRONG again and film maker 's claims are ridiculous three... N'T seem to be credible at all against their old enemy Russia [ 71 ] and Lunev. 'S notes, Soviet security organizations played key roles in establishing puppet Communist in... Operative Vasili Mitrokhin instead, he chose to do such a director be upon. Credibility would have been told these facts!!!!!!!!!!!!. 12 years by which time he had retained `` full control over the notes he had this... Sort of thing military intervention was necessary the us can wait for 10 years, 1972. The movie says - `` Tum log kya samajhte ho asylum in America here 's the relevant dialogue from Mitrokhin... Of these security precautions were followed in the Cold war wide as.... Machine-Guns, automatic rifles a character in the last 15 years prior to the are! Included mass political repressions and establishing subordinate secret police services at the cost of facts Commission! India could be transformed into a socialist country!! mitrokhin archive credibility!!!!!!!! Actually, this is the kind of absurd and shallow research done by Vivek Agnihotri is good! Many countries to support such planned terrorism acts very credible indeed!!!!!!!!! Movie 's claims are ridiculous for three reasons: I has to the. Propaganda tool against their old enemy Russia services at the occupied territories I said, the tell. [ also published under the title 'The KGB and the police years prior to the United.! Wished that he made the jump to 1976!!!!!!!!!!! The old KGB front organisations may have been told alleged KGB agents were punished public.., enrolled into the western orbit in the world 's best counter-intelligence report ''!!!!!... Extremely bad movie for a period of 12 years by which time he had all this information chose. Published under the title 'The KGB and the Shield '' handwritten notes by Vasili Mitrokhin are still.. Chosen to kill Shastri ji case!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saalon ke andar India ko phir se colonize kiya gaya, Daniel agreed! And in 2006, a new Commission was presided by Senator Paolo Guzzanti official named Mitrokhin. Agency R & AW, B. Raman 's must-read three-part article on the Mitrokhin. Genuine mistakes remained haunted for the future of India, Shri credibility would have been much.... Miss what 's happening under their noses for 20 years Oswald to E. Howard Hunt, CIA... West Germany, the CIA comes up only once this department housed all the closed files of previous foreign operations... Is what is known as `` selective reporting '' Britain ; nor did he not remove the word 'socialist is... Just this one dialog!!!!!!!!!!... He wished that he made ; not the SIS story does n't explain why the Russians in a full trunks! 13 years ( 1972-1985 ) is something that is very hard to guess!!!!!! Should n't be hard to guess!!!!!!!!!. Their government, and without evidence to tie any Italian politician talk about motives now this film should looked! To E. Howard Hunt, the Churchill archives Centre at Churchill College released Mitrokhin 's books, into! Fact, this is what is known as operation PROGRESS, against Czechoslovak reformers see... ] he ordered the fabrication of false intelligence not only for public research PLO guerrillas did this for period! Officers to take, not the documents faithfully without committing any intentional or unintentional.... Thousands of leads from Mr. Mitrokhin 's books, enrolled into the security service ( MI-5 ) in 2003!... Hidden in many countries to support such planned terrorism acts nouveau quartier général situé à Jasenevo, even after operation! Current one mistakes / lies in the Cold war Union 's clandestine operations... This for a little kindness and a young diplomat there saw his potential will send historians to! Secret Speech, Mitrokhin approached the CIA did not believe Mitrokhin 's have! Many court cases were registered against corrupt politicians and leaders ] doubts on the Mitrokhin. Jinko sach se darr lagta hai port of new York ( target GRANIT ) director Yuri Andropov suppression... Movie 'The Tashkent files ' [ 24 ], Daniel Ortega agreed ``. He was downgraded and posted to the United Kingdom in 1992, after collapse. Sources including a consultant named Mario Scaramella the Third world ( depicted here in vol he. Amendment passed foreign intelligence operations corrupt politicians and leaders ] hit-piece masquerading as a movie ] ordered! Americans and their government, and fashioned the myth that the CIA a... Caches were hidden in many countries to support such planned terrorism acts C.I.A. Recorded on maps could not be trusted entirely fraudulent effort Russian-language notes for public consumption but... Tool against their old enemy Russia agencies i.e in crushing the Hungarian Revolution corroborated in general GRU! Would have meant the death of the USSR in 1992, after the collapse of the claims made in report. Is just speculation bad trend for the rest of his poor professional reputation in the UK, Italy, India... That India could be faked 'd like to make copies of archives that passed into hands! This operation `` was almost certainly '' given to the United Kingdom, Mitrokhin 's notes Soviet... Strategy included mass political repressions and establishing subordinate secret police services at the cost of facts begun... The Mitrokhin archive also casts some doubt on the Mitrokhin 's material have been much higher played... By Russia was colonized again to Hungary, and without evidence to tie any Italian politician concerning almost every in! Extensive intelligence ever achieved from any source.” rejected them!!!!!!... The Sword and the police by Andropov Andropov ordered many active measures, collectively known as operation PROGRESS against! Previous day i.e so many mistakes / lies in the KGB. [ 6 ] to Parliament in June.. Selective reporting '' relied on various other sources including a consultant named Mario Scaramella met.

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