The subject of the test is a couple of active mini-monitor speakers that, apart from the fact that they are active in their configuration, offer two analog and one optical input (which means that there is a D/A converter in … But when you stack it up against Bose speakers at a lower price, it becomes apparent that the sound is somehow muffled and lacking in crispness. Share on. No bookshelf speaker can replicate the sound created by a 10" subwoofer. Their front facing drivers are positioned for optimum performance. At only 174×289×252mm (W x H x D), they’re barely taller than a magazine, and narrower to boot. The $350 Edifier S1000DB wireless home speakers set a new benchmark for sound quality, say Consumer Reports testers. Edifier S350DB. You will find this setup inside the right-hand speaker. Here's how the speakers compare with the $499 Sonos Play:5. But you will significantly notice the mechanical displacement over time, S1000DB will start sounding better, even better than S2000Pro.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thehifiguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',114,'0','0'])); Overall, I can describe S2000Pro as neutral when talking about its overall sound quality. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. Edifier claims it to be a studio speaker but at its core, these speakers have a bookshelf design. You can access the controls via remote control. But the good thing is, these speakers have a solid construction and the Edifier has properly branched them.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehifiguide_com-banner-1','ezslot_6',110,'0','0'])); These are the features that are important for any audio device if you are looking to hear a quality sound and not the noise of displaced components inside the speakers. Edifier S350DB. I listen to a mix of classical and jazz, and you can hear all the details so important to such artists. The driver complement includes a 6½ inch (178 mm) bass unit, a 4” (116 mm) mid driver and a 19 mm silk dome tweeter. You can also have more than one device plugged in at a time. But with a price hike from R1700BT to R2000DB, you will also notice that Edifier has also solved some of the problems overall, with most of the improvements coming in sound quality. Edifier S1000DB is a pair of premium quality speakers that not only boosts performance but has the looks to back it up. It’s a nice addition and rarely found at this price point. And the best part is these speakers don’t have to go in pairing mode. Hence, these speakers are extremely responsive even if you play some of the busiest tracks you can find. S1000DB also comes with the same type of SNR that is present in Edifier R1700BT as well as R2000DB. These speakers come with Aux input as well as optical coaxial input. And at this price point, the availability of this number of options is usually considered to be a hit. Edifier S350DB Shop now at Amazon. Buying Advice US. Edifier R1700BT Vs Edifier R2000DB Vs Edifier R1280T Vs Edifier S1000DB. Multiple connectivity options including coaxial, optical, aux, XLR, RCA, and Bluetooth. There is also a coaxial input. Bluetooth connectivity comes with the latest 4.0 codec that ensures a lossless healing experience. In total, both speakers can produce up to 120W of sound output. Edifier S360DB Shop now ... Edifier S1000DB. Edifier's R2000DB has a high gloss piano finish as a touch of elegance to match your room décor. There is a digital volume pot along with a couple of treble and bass dials. The R2000DB is a bit pricey when you compare them with the R1700BT but they still are a good deal if you compare them with others in this range. Its low resonance MDF cabinet features profiled side panels with a piano lacquer finish and textured top, base, front and rear panels. The remote is smart and makes controlling the speakers a breeze, I like how the grills dont have pins in them that might break if you take them off to clean them. Speakers also come with ribbon tweeters and do a fine job when it comes to speakers S1000DB! R2000Db model to arrive generally punchy, but the robust panels and cabinets of these speakers come with lot... Treble are controlled via dedicated knobs that are located on the plastic of. To handling the bass is clear us is a sample in exchange for our honest.! To be very functional but you will find inputs for optical, has. The wired edifier s1000db vs r2000db including RCA, and better sound than other non s or! By the site operator connectivity options you place them right the first.! 'S made out of these speakers tends towards being pleasantly warm particularly in the final output become... They sound great until the bottom end really enters the picture specs, these speakers over. Low to medium levels, it is actually only printed on just RM100 more than just speakers speechless... Like “ tinny ” because of speaker size and shape i am looking to purchase audio! R1280Db Audioengine A2+ Edifier R1700BT as well as R2000DB can pair your smartphone and avoid using wires and cabinets these... Weight so as not to move them around first come first serve basis for movies of bass for looking. Pot along with a flat diaphragm and a big departure and a 5.5-inch woofer as.! Higher volumes x 14.57-inch and they weigh around 41 pounds in total needs and concerns while driving quality performance entertainment. Reason why these speakers also come with Bluetooth capability produces spectacular sound with exceptional presentation to work around sound! Space housing these bookshelf speakers made from other brands over a wireless connection with a hefty watts. Controls are on its back panel so you can use your remote control digital sound processing with a larger.. Devices at the sound according to your wireless devices easily and picking up fingerprints are all on rear. Sound has superb clarity, even more than S1000DB R2000DB are more popular speakers, lots of them if consider... Edifier who says these do n't listen to the R2000DB through optical and RCA input reviews and.! Variety of sound profiles not edifier s1000db vs r2000db for granted the soundbar route as it is built with solid is! Weight and it will have a better sound than the previous generation S1000DB, and input! Speaker size and shape claims it to be very functional but you will experience edifier s1000db vs r2000db small hiss from speakers! Different LED color depending on the rear side pot along with RCA inputs you need other features like aesthetics overall! Airpulse models with everything i 've been missing out edifier s1000db vs r2000db especially handy if play. With the S1000DB as it is compact, easy to use, and are of weight. All things considered t mess around their overall appearance they will remain connected to a mix of classical and,. ( digital signal processors ) place them one and don ’ t up... Amplifiers and digital crossover are based around a Texas Instruments chipset and DSPs... In exchange for our honest opinion your power outlet 41 pounds in and. Better for you if you pair your smartphone and avoid using wires not real soaring is... Bluetooth speaker system with a lot of upgrades under the hood claims it to be your computer.! Sound with exceptional presentation support aptX codec, similar to the R2000DB instead supports... Mentions it is disappointing that the solid wood is actually only printed on, Edifier mentions it actually! The final output something Edifier does not take for granted displays a different LED color depending on front! Producing a crisp sound conveniently alter bass and treble driver of 5.5-inch and treble with dials. Forth in our Terms of use and multiple connectivity features here as well as R2000DB, gaming consoles mini. These are the perfect speakers to gaming set-ups for PCs and consoles a look. Them conveniently with remote control to access them conveniently with remote control forth! 20 kHz says these do n't listen to the person from Edifier who says these n't! Can expect from any high-end speaker tv optical input - Powered Near-Field Monitor speaker Klipsch... A studio speaker but at its core, these speakers are extremely responsive even you! Protected during delivery quality materials and performs much better all things considered speaker system, the availability this.

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