The average expectation is 1 buck per hunter per day. The pedicles get shorter as the buck gets older. Several collectors kept different species of muntjac but Woburn Abbey Deer Park is … Great patience is required as most shots are taken quickly at ranges of less than 50. metres. Muntjac Deer Trophy: $4,500; Trophy Fee is in addition to $250 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt … Deer hunting in Ireland, Stalking the best Sika stags in Europe. IF SO, YOU HAVE COME TO THE BEST U.K. OUTFITTER - MIKE MCCRAVE Mike will tailor your hunting vacation to your requirements. Muntjacs have expanded very rapidly, and are now present in most English counties south of the M62 motorway and have also expanded their range into Wales. Bucks over 1cm but below Bronze Medal £235. You will get to hunt a Chinese Water Deer and a Muntjac on this Journey. Its weight is approximately 12 kg, the shoulder height is a maximum of 45-46 cm and its body length is 85 cm, not including the tale. Doe £50 . Certain species can be hunted either free-range or estates, such as Sika, Fallow and Red Stag. Your experience will also include a day of falconry firsthand. Book you anyway you desire 5 star on down. Therefore we recommend stalking Muntjac from September through to May however we find that the most memorable times are from February to April when they can be called in using a Butallo/Cherrywood call. This email address is being protected from spambots. is a specialist Company devoted to the stalking of Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer. Muntjac. The male's upper canine teeth are elongated into tusks that protrude from his lips. Early evening /morning hours tend to be the most productive either as a walk and stalk or from high seats. Bucks over 7.5cm but below Bronze Medal £150. Sika Stags Red Stags Goats - Ibex Gallery Fallow Deer Four Horns Fishing in Belize Roe / Muntjac Deer / Chinese Water Deer Rabbits & Foxes Hunting is let for 2-3 days hunting (4-6 outings) 2:1 or 1:1, although the number of outings can be arranged according to individual requirements. Although the UK Muntjac Buck season has no 'closed' season they are typically in velvet in the summer months. The outfitter guide will. You’ve got to really understand muntjac in order to hunt them. The muntjac is a very active animal, feeding on many different plants in different parts of the area. If you get to hunt in the woodlands of southern England, then you’ll likely be in prime muntjac country. Hunting muntjac in England. Seasons More Info. Outing Fee £85 . Book you anyway you desire 5 star on down. //-->, Copyright © 2020 UK Hunting Vacation - All rights reserved. The hunting seasonruns between October 31 and March 31. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. var addy24257 = 'mike' + '@'; You are more likely to see muntjac at dawn or dusk, when they are most active. //-->\n During the autumn and winter time Scotsport can offer excellent Muntjac hunting and Chinese Waterdeer (CWD) hunting on various estates in Cambridgeshire, South East England, covering more than 10,000 hectares of mixed woodland, fields and meadows. Tusk and Antler is an independent UK deer stalking company, specialising in professional bespoke one to one or group deer stalking of Roe, Fallow or Muntjac deer. The Muntjac Deer originates from China and were introduced in England around the 1900s. Reeves’s Muntjac has been introduced to England, with wild deer descended from escapees from the Woburn Abbey estate around 1925. It had been several weeks since my last hunt and my trigger finger was starting to feel neglected. Muntjac deer are notorious browsers, eating the shoots from shrubs, as well as woodland herbs and Brambles. Chinese Water Deer & Muntjac are always hunted free range and the rest are typically estate hunts. The antlers grow from boney hair-covered pedicles and consist of a short main beam with small tines close to the base. Gold medal £350. Tip to England for 5 days site seeing and Hunting. Muntjac hunting can also be combined with hunting Chinese Waterdeer. More than 70 Muntjac and Chinese Waterdeer bucks are shot each year, with some excellent medal class trophy heads. Armoury & Ammunition Sales. Copyright © 2020 UK Hunting Vacation - All rights reserved. You also will be treated to Old Country care and service the entire trip. Our Pro Team member, Lucas Micallef shares his latest hunting trip within the English countryside. They are native to India, Southeast Asia, and southern China, and some have become established in parts of England and France. document.write('<\/a>'); Cost: $11,700 Per Hunter. Team Wild's Ian Harford goes out after one of Britain's most unusual deer, the muntjac, with Keith Watson of deerstalking agent Cervus UK.