The knowledge, attitudes, and skills required of a UBC graduate entering general dental practice are outlined in the UBC Faculty of Dentistry Competency Document. You’ll graduate not only with expertise in your chosen field, but with the skills you need to continue growing, learning, and evolving with your career over time. by Mr. Abernethy • March 7, 2019 • Comments Off on UBC Dental School Admission Statistics for the 2018 Entry. Lectures occupy a smaller amount of curriculum time than in traditional curricula. Fundamentals of human biology, body systems, diseases, and supporting basic oral health sciences. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver invites applications for a Postdoctoral Teaching & Learning Fellow, associated with the Master of Data Science (MDS) program. However, a smaller share of first-year students actually go on to complete their degrees. This page was last edited on 4 January 2019, at 15:08. The Facultyof Dentistry welcomes applications fromqualified Aboriginal applicants. For Scholarship and Financial Award information, click here, DMD Admissions Open House Weekend (Interview),,, Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time, Number of applications for class of 2016: 397, Applicants meeting requirements 2016: 338, Only Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents are eligible, Preference given to residents of British Columbia, Maximum of 10% out-of-province applicants accepted, Degree: Minimum of 3 years (90 credits) at a recognized university by April of the year of admission, Average grade (%) of all applicants 2016: 82.31%, Average grade of all interviewed applicants 2016: 86.55% (88.29% for Non-BC residents), Average grade of all accepted applicants 2016: 86.05% (89.01% for Non-BC residents), All college/university work taken into account (including failed courses), Worst year will be dropped for applicants who have completed 4+ years of college/university, Dental Aptitude Test – only Canadian version accepted. Update: I really speculated my DAT scores before I took it, sorry. At the MSc level we offer a MSc in Statistics and a MSc I actually got 27AA and 29PAT. It's likely that the answer to your question can be found there. Of all the applications, 21,600 were accepted and 10,702 registered in courses, meaning the “yield rate” — or how many accepted students actually came to UBC — was 49.5 per cent. For further information about academic aspects of the undergraduate program, please contact the ugradadv [at] (subject: Undergraduate%20query) (Undergraduate Adviser) after first checking the FAQs.. Students of second year standing or higher wishing to be considered for late entry into a statistics specialisation should contact an advisor at latemajorentrants at stat dot ubc dot ca. For information on the DAT itself, visit the Canadian Dental Association website here and here, For more information on tuition, click here The Faculty of Dentistry welcomes applications from qualified Aboriginal applicants. UBC Annual Report on Enrolment provides information related to enrolment for the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses. In 2016, UBC received 30,301 applications, up from 28,587 in 2015 and 27,290 in 2014. Learning in small groups, classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings utilizing technology. Undergraduate Program Information Undergraduate Courses and Admission to Statistics Major/Minor Before contacting anyone, please read our Undergraduate program FAQ and our Registration information page and FAQ. To apply to any of the graduate programs in the Faculty of Dentistry (M.Sc., Ph.D.), please use the Faculty of Graduate Studies Online Application available at or . We have about 500 undergraduates in our statistics programs - many of whom combine Statistics studies with another area such as Computer Science or Economics. Intranet Password Students who have completed the UBC Science One Program will have completed the requirements numbered 2 and 3 above. The open thinking of researchers at UBC and our affiliated teaching hospitals has built an international reputation for excellence in research and innovation. The 39,000 sq. UBC Dentistry’s areas of excellence are grouped in three research clusters:Clinical Research, Technology Transfer & Dental Materials Sciences Research Cluster Applied research in cancer diagnosis and prevention, biomaterials, forensic dentistry, dental sleep medicine, microbial biofilms and hygiene.Community & Educational Research Cluster Quantitative and qualitative research Thats a good bonus. Student Services Vancouver Campus 1874 East Mall Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1 Hello I am wondering what my chances are for UBC Dentistry GPA: 84.5 DAT: 24AA and 23PAT and I am IP for UBC. The faculty of dentistry has an exceptional history of research achievement and has implemented, through its strategic plan, a … Student Services Vancouver Campus 1874 East Mall Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1 Established in 1983, the Department of Statistics at UBC is internationally renowned for its excellence in research and the high calibre of its faculty members.